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He was making poultices when she came back. He had seen her a few times, at the Hanged Man after Varric dragged him there one night, in Lowtown occasionally. She dropped off some of the ingredients he was using now for these poultices a week before, saying she'd found a source of elfroot at Sundermount and she couldn't use it all herself.
It had been extremely welcome. There was only so much he could heal with his magic alone without exhausting himself and there were a few Ferelden refugees who refused magical help.
"I could never master herbalism," she said, leaning against the wall near his worktable. He smiled at her as he worked the mortar and pestle.
"One of those things they make you learn in the Tower," he said. "Handy for an apostate on the run, too. People will buy poultices from you without suspecting you're magical. I funded my third escape attempt with them. Got all the way to Lothering."
"You made it to Lothering?"
He winked at her. "Made it to Denerim, too, once."
:iconmiri1984:Miri1984 17 34
PARTY TIME by TheDalishRanger PARTY TIME :iconthedalishranger:TheDalishRanger 420 192
He woke in a strange room and he was momentarily terrified. Strange rooms meant change. Change usually meant capture. But no one was kicking him, and the sheets on his naked body were smooth and expensive.
And there was another naked body, pressed to his. That was nice. That was something he hadn't had the pleasure of feeling for a very, very long time.
Her red hair was mussed over her face, strands falling over her lips which were parted. The gentle whuff of her breath made him smile - she was not an elegant sleeper, but she was gloriously careless, nothing like she had been in the deep roads, wrapped in her bedroll, tense and cold and hurt.
He shook his head. Now wasn't the time to relive things he couldn't change. Images from the night before took the place of unpleasant memories and his breath quickened as he contemplated waking her, but they had not slept much truly, and she probably needed her rest.
He felt more refreshed than he had in years. He could
:iconmiri1984:Miri1984 30 38
So what do you think? by MonkeyMu So what do you think? :iconmonkeymu:MonkeyMu 257 42 DA2 Anders and Justice by sandara DA2 Anders and Justice :iconsandara:sandara 9,865 551 Dragon Age 2 by chakhabit Dragon Age 2 :iconchakhabit:chakhabit 3,689 329 DA2 - Dancing to Teenage Dream by aimo DA2 - Dancing to Teenage Dream :iconaimo:aimo 1,034 117 There Can Be No Peace by wallabri There Can Be No Peace :iconwallabri:wallabri 624 53
The knife slid in so easily. His healing sense flared wrong for a moment and he had to actively suppress the magic that wanted to flow into the open wound in his lover's chest. It was too late, any way. He had pierced Karl's heart.
But it wasn't as though he were killing Karl really. No, Karl was already dead. The brief moment where he had been himself had passed, making Anders keen internally. If he could somehow keep Justice out at will, be Justice without the blood and death, maybe he could have kept Karl with them, the real Karl, not the empty body that fell at his feet in a pool of blood.
"We should go before more Templars come," he heard himself say. The woman - Saoirse he remembered, her name was Saoirse - didn't say anything and he didn't stop to see if she followed, just walked away. I would rather die than be made tranquil, she had said. Help him, Anders.
It didn't feel like helping.
When he reached the clinic he was shocked to tur
:iconmiri1984:Miri1984 18 45
DA2 sketches 'nsfw' by Silberfeder
Mature content
DA2 sketches 'nsfw' :iconsilberfeder:Silberfeder 322 44
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I'm a grown woman who still plays dress-up.
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Not only that, I will be returning shortly with the final pic from :iconthegearheart:'s and my Anders/Justice shoot collaboration, featuring the one and only Lane of course! :D

Hope all you lovelies are well! <3


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